Preliminary Programme

09:15 amOpening Statement by the Workshop Organising Committee
09:30 amKeynote by Seth Frey
"The Development of Complex Governance Regimes in Sovereign Online Communities"
10:30 amCoffee Break
[Socio-Technical Systems Design] Session Chair: Jean Botev
11:00 amPeter Lewis and Aniko Ekart
"Social and Asocial Learning in Collective Action Problems: The Rise and Fall of Socially-Beneficial Behaviour"
11:30 amJeremy Pitt, Josiah Ober and Ada Diaconescu
"Knowledge Management Processes and Design Principles for Self-Governing Socio-Technical Systems"
12:00 pmInvited Talk by Jan-Philip Steghöfer
"A Change Management Perspective on Interactive Self-Governance"
12:30 pmLunch Break
[Vehicular and Industrial Applications] Session Chair: Jan-Philip Steghöfer
02:00 pmKaliappa Ravindran, Arun Adiththan and S Ramesh
"Situation-based Autonomic Management of Automobile Cruise Control Systems"
02:30 pmJulian Pedro Garbiso, Ada Diaconescu, Marceau Coupechoux, Jeremy Pitt and Bertrand Leroy
"Distributive Justice for Fair Auto-adaptive Clusters of Connected Vehicles"
03:00 pmDavid Burth Kurka and Jeremy Pitt
"SmartPool: Self-Organisation and Self-Governance in the Sharing Economy"
03:30 pmCoffee Break
04:00 pmKeynote by Stephen Marsh
"Let's Be More Tolerant: Differences Are Good Things"
05:00 pmPlenary Discussion
05:25 pmClosing Statement